Iñaki Moreno

Iñaki Moreno

Iñaki Moreno (1968 Inca, Mallorca) grew up in Bilbao and currently resides in Barcelona, where he works every day in a former nineteenth-century convent converted into a workshop. From its walls full of history he develops his abstract expressionist pictorial art in which he investigates freely.

Alma is what Iñaki Moreno carries with each of the unrepeatable paintings of him to each and every one of the spaces that welcome them.

Passionate about contemporary art and renowned interior designers value and recognize the works of it, which incorporate in the most diverse environments.

Iñaki Moreno, Artista
Photography Adina Ilie

Putting the soul is not an easy task «I do not always get it» confesses by the artist, for whom it is rather a commitment because «it is the best way to transmit my honesty and the deep respect that art deserves» says it.

Thanks to his works, different spaces of contemporary interior design manage to extol his character and personality. From New York to Lisbon, his work has conquered the national and international territory and is present in stunning salons, special passages, elegant rooms, amazing receivers, glamorous restaurants, unique workspaces as well as in national art galleries international.